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A Neglected story

Godu Patil would not be knowing that a little negligence can lead to haphazard.

In the year 2018, 69 yrs old Mason Godu Patil, a resident of new jail colony BPL had got an injury in the little toe of left foot.

He neglected it and when the family members noticed it that it’s turning bluish, they rushed to the doctor and was diagnosed with gangrene due to untreated diabetes.

He was operated immediately and was on medication, but still the pain was unbearable, within 15 days other toes had also turned bluish.

He was operated for the second time and amputated the other three toes of left foot.

He thought now he will be relaxed but infection was so severe that within 3 days leg was turning blue.

Now he shifted to another hospital and got 3rd operation of below knee amputation.

Finally the infection was stopped but he became too weak and helpless.

Suddenly after 10 days of amputation, at night his voice got slurred and face turned to right.

In the morning when he visited nearby doctor and was diagnosed with left hemiplegia.

He was not knowing that his mere negligence of wound will lead to a life threatening disorder.

The story not even ends here.

Till date he has not got proper treatment from neurologist, he was on some ayurvedic treatments which have not helped him much.

Now he has approached us for help and guidance. He is unable to visit daily any rehab centre.

We are connected to him through our helpline number and guiding him and his family through counseling and electronic media.

Hoping for the better recovery.

Thanks to Mr Godu Patil and his family for sharing his story.


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