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A young story

A young 21 years old Scandra Vishwkarma ,resident of Indrapuri Bpl working as a Choral Cultural Event manager in khangar (Mumbai) had never thought of that her over enthusiasm could be a trouble for her life.

Everything was going on the hike in her life. She was planning to gift each and every member of her family by her first salary.

She was confident , energetic and enthusiastic .

She might be the last person to know about the risks of stroke.

On 5th Oct 2017, In the morning while taking bath something unusual happened to her. She felt some impulse in her right leg.

After few minutes of taking bath she thought to open her laptop.

She was working on it suddenly her phone rang up but she was not able to lift it with right hand. she was speechless and fell down.

Somebody was knocking at the door and knocked continuously but she was helpless.

After 1 and ½ hour she managed to stand any how and opened the door. She had vomited and fell down unconsciously.

She was hospitalized and diagnosed with stroke. But doctors could not give them a valid reason of stroke.

She has been on rehabilitation protocol since then but when she approached us she had abnormal gait pattern , with minimum use of right hand and aphasia .

After coming in our touch with us she has been put on advanced physiotherapy sessions under our expert physio as well as Mirror box therapy and functional exercises and constraint induced movement therapy for the right hand as a home based rehabilitation protocol are continued.

We can see a good result in her recovery after she has consulted us.

Recently she has went up on long journey tour with her family.

Thanks to her family for following all guidelines at home.

Thanks to Ms Scandra vishwkarma and her family for sharing her story.

scandra and her family

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