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A Cerebral Palsy child story

A 12 year old Kanha Tamrakar Resident of Damoh M.P.has balance isshes right from the age of 4.

He never knew what Ataxic C.P. is? Why he has a problem in Walking? Because he has always seen her elder sister walking with imbalance and sudden fall while turning as she is also having Ataxic C.P.

He is a student of 6th class. He walks with Antalgic gait with Speech disarticulation.

He along with his sister has been treated here from last one year at regular intervals under supervision of our expert Physios.

Apart from his routine Rehabilitation Protocol he use to make some innovative things with the help of his mother.

Recently to beat this Heat he has made a low cost Working Cooler with guidance from internet and his mother.

With this innovative ideas he is a motivation for other children with C.P. and their family members By proving that “Every Child is a Winner”.

His next innovation may be a Low cost Laptop or any thing Beyond imagination.

We Really appreciate his innovation and wish him all the best for his future.

Thanks to master Kanha Tamrakar and his family.

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