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Hum saath hai

Some activities can be taken at home to improve the paralyzed patients. A work that helps in fulfilling the individual's environment and daily functions, or action that promotes the physical, social and cognitive skills of the person, is called functional action. Functional activities are very useful for all paralysis patients. Some actions that patients can do at home are like this 1 connect four - connect four improves meditation and skills. Players pick up small disks and leave. These are the games played for two players. This is a guessing game. The player will choose a color first, then put a colorful disc in the 7 COLUMN 6 row vertical suspended grid. 2 Zenga - zēṅgā in zēṅgā requires physical and mental coordination and save the tower from falling. Zenga is a game of physical and mental skills. Made on simple basis of sṭēkiṅg blocks.

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