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Inauguration of Telehealth Rehabilitation through our Ambulance

Inauguration of Telehealth "लकवा पुनर्वास मित्र" was held on 13 February 2023 at the premise of Government Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Bhopal .

It is a joint initiative of "हम साथ हैं" DBL social welfare foundation and Indian Oil along with physio department GHMC.

During the Inauguration Ribbon cutting ceremony and Green flag hosting was done by Mr. Prateek Hajela Principal Secretary of Social justice and Disabled Persons Welfare M.P.

Aim of this Telehealth program is to improve healthcare access for Underprivileged, Those who live in rural areas , elderly individuals and people with Disabilities . Free of cost.

This will allow Physiotherapist to connect with patient's through Video Conferencing, Phone calls and other Digital means. Patients will be able to receive medical consultation, Diagnosis and Treatment Recommendations without having to Visit a healthcare facility in person.

Telehealth " लकवा पुनर्वास मित्र" is a well equipped Mobile physiotherapy van consisting of electrical modalities, Laptop, WiFi connection and all necessary digital equipments.

Many queries regarding Telehealth program was asked which were answered by our Expert Physios. Awareness about telehealth Rehabilitation program for paralytic patients was also given.

The Telehealth program is a Significant development in the healthcare industry and has the potential to improve healthcare access for millions of people.

The program is expected to expand to other cities and regions of the Country.

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