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“There is Always a room for Recovery , the only challenge is to take a First Step,”

Sunita Chouhan a survivor of GBS along with her family members had took a challenge to make remarkable recovery from her weak, partially paralyzed limbs , with marked difficulty in ADL ,and with speech difficulties through our expert guidance and counselling with regular follow ups.

35 year old housewife was living a happy and contended life with her family at Raisen ,she was alright before 8.11.19. Suddenly She had a relapsing episode of Fever, within a week her body was too weak to lift herself from bed. Local treatment continued but when the problem increased more and more with difficulty in breathing by 26.11.19.

Finally she was Diagnosed with Guillian -Barre’syndrome and immediate Plasma Exchange and immunoglobulin therapy started by Neurophysician.

Soon after the Discharge they interacted us through Physio OPD of GHMC, BPL. She was assessed and counselled about her problem that no massage is helpful ,only goal oriented rehab Protocol can boost her recovery.

Her family members supported her in her difficult times by implementing the self help techniques in order to gain her confidence in “independent sitting to independent walking “within 20 days of Rehab protocol and counselling at regular interval.

Hum Saath hai Team is highly Thankful to her family members for always taking keen interest in her recovery .

At present she is living a more independent life with her family and following our strength protocol at home.

We are thankful to her family for giving a verbal consent to share their success journey after paralysis from” weakness to strength “.

Thanks to our Expert Physio Team From Physio Dept. GHMC under supervision of Dr Anant Singh Gour (H.O.D. Physiotherapy)

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