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Success story

"Whenever you see a successful person, you only see the public glories; never the private sacrifices and hard work to reach them."

So presenting a SUCCESS STORY...

A 40 yrs old, Accountant by profession, was enjoying his winters. But suddenly on 11th January, 2022 ; while having dinner, he was not able to chew properly from his right side and water was drooling from one side.

He immediately rushed to Hospital and was diagnosed with Right Bell's Palsy. His immediate medical treatment prevent his face from Irreversible Facial Changes.

Still he suffered with lots of discomfort like unable to close his eyes, lost taste and had facial shifting while smiling.

He came with these complaints at our main branch GHMC physio department on 14.1.2022.

He was examined and treated by our Expert Physio with initial SF stimulation and Facial exercises.

During his case study, we came to know that he was suffering from Diabetes since few years and was recently diagnosed with Hypothyroidism.

We counselled him and advised to follow Dietician for his sugar and thyroid.

Our First Goal was to help him in closing his eyes and stop drooling of saliva.

After one month his facial expressions were improved a lot but facial deviation was still there.

Our expert Physio added K taping to facilitate weak muscles and inhibit overactivity of the muscles of left side from 16 February 2022 onwards.

Finally his hard work ,our Guidance and treatment had helped him to achieve his fully recovered face with all it's natural strength.

Again he is back to work with a perfect smile😊

We wish him all the best and Good luck 😊.

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