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Survivor story

Stroke , the main cause of death , can happen to anyone at any time.

From un diagnosed high blood pressure to unknown family history for stroke , many things can affect stroke risk.

Read this survivor story to learn more about stroke , including how you may be at risk, how to recognize stroke, and what to do if stroke happens.

“stroke can happen to any body.” Active healthy and just 40 years old, Ravi Chouhan thought he was the last person to learn more about stroke.

But he did not realize that he had an increased risk of stroke due to his untreated Blood Pressure and his addiction of alcohol and cigarette smoking.

The day was like an ordinary day for Ravi Chouhan a govt . driver in travel deptt. , resident of Lalita nagar Bhopal.

On 25 sep 2018 , the 40 years old was headed to his work, after finishing his lunch around 2 o’ clock , he was going to put back his tiffin in the car, suddenly he drags his leg and fell down ,somebody helped him to get up and they realized that something wrong had happened to Ravi chouhan because his face was also turned to one side.

They rushed to near by hospital and was diagnosed with stroke. He had a right large intra cerebral bleed and craniotomy was done immediately.

Today he has interacted with Hum Saath Hai for guidance and counseling . Firstly he was connected through our 6 days workshop for family members in the month of feb19 .

Our expert physio has treated him at home and now he can walk with stick with little difficulty.

But his vision is to resume his job so that he could rear his two small kids , his wife and his old mother.

Hoping for the best, we have analysed his problem list and counseled him and his wife for their support.

Thanks to Mr Ravi chouhan and his family for sharing his story.

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