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So here we are presenting a Success Story of a 10 months old Paralytic Patient.

A 10 months old baby girl with no significant medical history was presented to a local hospital after falling from the bed on 25th April, 2020. Her head injury led to the acute onset of left hemiparesis. At that time, her MRI revealed Acute small non haemorrhagic infarcts in Right lentiform nucleus, Corona radiata and left caudate head. Those were the days when the whole world was under the threat of pandemic. We got a call from her Parents on our free helpline number and thus We came to know about her condition. We assessed her ; there was no movement in her left hand and leg.

Home Exercise Program was explained to her Parents. After almost one month,ie, on 30th May,2020 with the joint efforts of Hum Saath Hai and her family members , she began to move her left hand and leg.

Gradually as she gained movements, weight bearing exercises were explained to her family members. Consequently , She started crawling with little drag on 15th October, 2020.

Under our guidance, from 30th November, 2020 ; reaching activities were initiated by the family members to increase the movements on the left side.

Playing activities with other kids increased her leg movements.

She now gained proper movements and is active now.

They are still in contact with us virtually and doing home exercises.

We wish her for her best maximum potential to be reached very soon.

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