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World Parkinson's Day

#WorldParkinsonsDay #11April #latepost #HumSaathHai #dblsocialwelfarefoundation #physiodeptghmc World Parkinsons Day marks the birthday of Dr J Parkinson

Dr. Parkinson first described the disease in “An Essay on the Shaking Palsy”, he described a pattern of lessened muscular power, involuntary tremulous motion, even if these are supported. There is at tendency to bend the body forwards, and to involuntarily switch from a walking to a running pace, while the sense and intellect deteriorate. One of the prominent symbols of Parkinson’s disease is the red tulip, and this was established at the 9th World Parkinson’s disease Day at the Luxembourg Conference.

Many people do not understand what Parkinson’s is, or are unaware of how to identify it. In the interest of promoting awareness of this disease, simplified Descriptional Videos are being posted since 15 days on our social sites.

So on World Parkinson’s Disease Day, make sure you talk to those in your life about it, and encourage them to join the fight.

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