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NDT for Stroke Patients

#NDT #sittostand #paralyticsurvivors #dblsocialwelfarefoundation #physiodeptghmc #HumSaathHai #poppout Neuro development Technique for paralytic survivors Technique: Sit to Stand

This technique helps in weight shifting and transfer from chair to bed.

Placement of Patient: Patient should be at the edge of the chair or bed. Knees in 90-90 position. Foot should touch the floor and may be in dorsiflexion. Spine straight .

Position of the therapist: Sitting at the level of patient knee. Patient’s paralysed knee is locked by therapist. Patient’s weak hand supported. NDT works for facilitation of weak muscles and inhibition of over active muscles.

We are thankful to all paralytic survivors and their family members for their active participation in training.

Non profit contribution by Popout in making this video.

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