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New Year Goals @paralytics

#newyear2022 #newgoals #paralyticsurvivors #HumSaathHai #dblsocialwelfarefoundation #physiodeptghmc Every Year brings new ideas, new goals and new thoughts. Let's listen from our Paralytic Survivors.

1) patient name :- nitin Shrivastava condition:- spinal fracture i would like to express my sincere thanks to Hum Saath Hai for all the treatment, you were so kind and understanding throughout each of my physical therapy sessions.Thanks for making my treatment as bearable as possible and helping me strive for recovery. HAPPY NEW YEAR

2)patient name:- Ranjeet chauhan condition:- cerebellar ataxias i want to thank hum saath hai team for their efforts and care, I'm highly satisfied with the treatment, i feel greatfull that you're my therapist.

3) patient name:- Hari bai thakur condition:- Left Hemiparesis Your help in my recovery sincerely appreciated.I thank you whole heartedly for being so kind and attentive,i truly appreciate your patience with your patient.

4) patient name :- raju malviya condition:- right hemiplegia Thank you Hum Saath Hai for being kind, helpfull and supportive during my physiotherapy treatment. My condition is getting better with your therapies. Thank you for always being beside your patient's.

5)Patient name:-sunita verma (). I'm wishing everyone a very happy new year, I'm very greatfull for the support I'm getting from hum sath hai team and a heartfelt thanks to Sonia ma'am, she is more than doctor here, she is constant supporter of her patients.

6) patient:-kalu satya condition:-paraparesis firstly, i want to thank the whole team of hum saath hai,they are very supportive from the beginning and everyone playing important role in my recovery phase, I'm getting better day by day with the help of them and my heartfelt thanks goes to Sonia ma'am, who is constantly working towards making her patients life better..

7)patients name:- suraj prasad condition:- hemiplegia I'm very glad that i get chance to connect with this wonderful organization HUM SAATH HAI, everyone here is so helpful and polite ,they are treating me every well and helping me to cope up with my daily activities.

Stroke survivors often take two steps forward and one step backwards. If that happens to you don't worry. It's normal slow and steady wins the race.

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