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Route inauguration of Ambulance exclusively for paralytic survivors

First Route Inauguration of " Lakwa Punarvas Mitra" exclusively for paralytic survivors was done by Shri Dilip Suryawanshi ji CMD Dilip Buildcon in the presence of India oil Team and Dr S K Mishra sir Principal GHMC in the premises of Dilip Buildcon Ltd. Office on 23 Feb 2023.

Concept of Telehealth Rahabilitation was explained to Indian oil Team and we also proposed for the procurement of Robotics for the benefit of Our paralytic survivors in the coming year. We also shared our testimonials of Telehealth Rahabilitation to Indian oil team and DBL team.

Ribbon 🎀 cutting ceremony was done to start our journey of Ambulance exclusively for paralytic survivors giving it's Free physiotherapy services along with Telehealth Rahabilitation on Road.

Here the journey begins...........

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