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Screening camp@worldvisionindia

An Awareness cum Screening Camp was held at

Anna Nagar, Bhopal on 21st March , 2022 in association with World Vision India

World Vision India is one of the country’s largest child-focused humanitarian organisations. With over six decades of grassroot experience, they employ proven, effective development, public engagement and relief practices empowering vulnerable children and communities living in contexts of poverty and injustice to become self-sufficient and bring lasting change.

World Vision India works in 123 districts impacting around 26 lakh children and their families in over 6200 communities spread across 24 states and the National Capital Region to address issues affecting children in partnership with governments, civil societies, donors and corporates.

Wheelchair Assessment was done and participated in Wheelchair donation to the needy ones.

About 50 cases were assessed and 11 neurological cases were registered.

Hum Saath Hai was introduced and people were made aware about the role of family members in rehabilitation.

Sincere thanks to Mr Anil Thomas and Mr Ebez George from World Vision India

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