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Virtual Reality Kinect Sports

Virtual Reality (An Adjunct in Neuro Rehab)

One of the emerging treatment option in neuro rehab specially in stroke along with conventional therapy which provide an excellent dose of Repetitive task specific activity is Virtual Reality.

Due to some limited effectiveness in conventional therapy various task oriented Virtual Reality Rehabilitation programs have been designed for upper limb and lower limb.

Application of Wii Games as Kinect Sports in Rehabilitation has been achieving as the most favourable treatment option because it not only helps in motor recovery but also act as a motivational adjunct for the patient.

Virtual Reality Game for Left Hemiplegic: Targeting the aim is helping the patient in functional training.

Active Assisted Kinect Sports help in proper Feedback to brain ( helps in initiating the movement.)

Supported upper arm Virtual Reality Rehabilitation for Right Hemiplegic.

It also helps in Improving Shoulder Range for Hemiplegic.

Assisted Kinect Sports to increase ROM after Stroke.

Excellent target hit by left Hemiplegic ( improving concentration)

We are thankful to all Paralytic Survivors for their active participation.

Thànks to Popoout for their non profit contribution.

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